The best museums for children

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Museo Cera MadridAre you travelling with children? Treat them to a fun and educational morning in one of these museums designed especially for them. One of these museums is the Wax Museum, the emblematic space dedicated to celebrities, both historical and modern, which includes new additions such as Cristiano Ronaldo and George Clooney.

They can enjoy different theme rooms, especially the sports one, with figures of sportsmen like Iker Casillas, Andrés Iniesta, Miguel Induráin or Pelé. However, they can also visit the Crime Gallery, where they recreate the murder of the Andalusia Express among other topics. Ticket prices are 17 euros for adults and 12 euros for children up to the age of 12. Over 60s also pay a reduced fee of 12 euros. On weekends, it opens all day non stop, from 10.00am until 8.30pm. Address: Paseo de Recoletos, 41, in front of Plaza Colón.

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Segovia awaits you

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SegoviaIt is one of the most charming cities near Madrid, famous for its aqueduct, its stunning fortress and its exquisite suckling pig that you can enjoy all year long, also in summer. You can get there easily by train or bus from Moncloa or, if you have your own car, on the A-6 road towards La Coruña in just 50 minutes. We have excellent communications with public transport that take you there from our hotel in the centre of Madrid.

Once you are there, the best thing to do is to see its old town, after seeing its aqueduct first, and then go up Calle Juan Bravo, where you will find the famous Casa de los Picos, the headquarters of the famous Art and Superior Design School of Segovia, a stunning castle that was a historical residence of the kings of Castile back in the Middle Ages, a state prison and later the Royal Artillery College. On their website you can find practical information to organise your visit and purchase the ticket that best suites your needs. The complete ticket costs 7 euros and it allows you to visit the rooms in the palace, see all the museums and enjoy the views of Segovia and its yellow fields from the Tower of Juan II. It opens daily from 10.00am until 7.00pm.

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Searching for the beach in Madrid

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Pantano San JuanDon’t give in to evidence and look for your very own beach moment in Madrid, although the water will be fresh and not saltwater. At the San Juan reservoir, known as “Madrid’s beach”, you will find the closest thing to a refreshing beach experience, just a few miles from the Spanish capital. Located between the towns of San Martín de Valdeiglesias and Pelayos de la Presa, you can get there on the M-501 motorway, also known as the “reservoir road”, just 46 miles from Madrid.

It is quite a popular spot on weekends and you can even rent a boat. Official prices are high and you must be careful with the surcharges, with the whole package setting you back between 155 and 300 euros. However, you can negotiate lower rates. In any case, if you go in a group, the cost is shared and it’s a lot cheaper for what is really an excellent plan.

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A wonderful walk around the Universidad district

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Universidad Central MadridThe title has a double meaning, since back in the day the district used to be known as Maravillas (wonders) and if it is now called Universidad that is because some of the Complutense University buildings were set up on Calle San Bernardo. Nowadays, nobody talks about “Universidad” and they refer to it directly as Malasaña, losing a bit of geolocation accuracy in the process.

In the Universidad district we can find some charming places, such as Plaza de las Comendadoras, a square that is ideal to start the day in with breakfast at Café Moderno, renovated after a few languid years, or at Federal Café, a cool place famous for its natural fruit juices and complete breakfasts. For drinks, try Kramer, a pub with character and an ideal place to enjoy a gin and tonic.

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Madrid becomes Berlin in La Neomudéjar

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La NeomudejarAn old factory with TV monitors, facilities, ready-mades and visual art cycles by famous creators. Are we talking about somewhere in Berlin? No. This is, in fact, Madrid, more specifically the Menéndez Pelayo area. We are talking about La Neomudéjar, a space conceived as an avant-garde arts centre and artistic residence that attempts to favour and boost the work of up-and-coming creators. Part of its philosophy is to conjugate the technological development and also recycle the old forms of audiovisual expression, such as super8.

Everything is modern and alternative here, with a touch of anti-establishment and rebellion against the official cultural scene, which includes more rare disciplines such as parkour, robotics or experimentation in its most diverse forms. You can currently visit exhibitions such as the Francisco Argüello installation, an installation designed especially for the space that holds it.

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Boats and legendary names in the Naval Museum

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Naval Museum of Madrid (Spain).Madrid doesn’t have a beach but it does have a Naval Museum. It is located on the first floor of the Armada Headquarters, on Paseo del Prado, very close to the City Hall and Plaza de Cibeles (a 20-minute walk from our hotel in downtown Madrid). It is one of the oldest museums in the capital, dating from 1842, but it is still one of the most unknown ones by the general public despite its privileged location in the city centre.

However, it is now in the news due to the exhibition that you can see there which opened on April 15th, “Men of Sea, Legendary Boats”, technically directed and supervised by the writer Arturo Pérez Reverte, a lover of the subject and someone with excellent knowledge of the history of the Spanish Armada.

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The Best in Wine

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vinos madridFor some time now, wine experts have been growing and growing in numbers. Where do they get their education? Which places do they go to? Where do they buy their bottles? At Lavinia (C/José Ortega y Gasset, 16) they have a fundamental reference. Considered as Madrid’s main wine shop, it is also a restaurant and has a fine online sales service. Its restaurant offers ecological cuisine, serving dishes such as chocolate artichokes or liquorice beef gizzard on a bed of onions.

Despite its gastronomic offer being a strong one, designed by the chef Fernando del Cerro, Lavinia is especially famous for its actual shop, on Madrid’s most sought-after street. It is a large space with excellent decoration and with friendly staff that help and advise customers, also having the option of being able to try some of the wines there.

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Parks that are more than parks

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retiro parque madridWe all think of El Retiro when people talk about a park in Madrid. It is quite normal to do so, since it is one of the most historical and largest parks in Europe, which means that it must be visited in parks. One of them is actually outside it: Cuesta de Moyano. This is a picturesque path where you can find excellent books at bargain prices, cheaper than in normal bookshops. From there you can access the famous park through the gate of the Fallen Angel (Ángel Caído). Inside, you can walk around the central lake, surrounded by musicians and street vendors and get to the Palacio de Velázquez, which hosts the exhibition “Carl Andre: sculpture as a place, 1958-2010” from May 5th.

Another park which is more than just a park is Parque del Oeste, which you can get to by walking from Plaza de España and our hotel in central Madrid. One of its main attractions is located at the beginning of its facilities and its no other than the Temple of Debod. The Temple of Debod is a gift from Egypt to Spain from 1968 for their help in saving the ancient temples of Nubia. You can visit its interior for free from Tuesday to Friday from 10.00am until 2.00pm and from 6.00pm until 8.00pm, and on weekends and holidays from 9.30am until 8.00pm. A great way to understand the essence of Egypt in just a few minutes.

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Markets are back in fashion

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mercado san miguelAt first sight, it is somewhat unglamorous but it has slowly introduced stalls with character that, added to its attractive location on the central Calle San Isabel, make Antón Martín market an interesting place to drop by. After its recent facelift, it has a hipster touch to it next to the traditional fruit stalls and butcher’s thanks to shops like dondeSánchez, Cosas Ricas or Cutzamala, that sells Mexican food. The market also has original shops like La Mar de Algas, where you can buy products related to algae to cook.

Outside, the area is worthy of a visit, especially around Calle Santa Isabel, which is surrounded by many bars and terraces such as Tomates Verdes Fritos, famous for its speciality in green fried tomatoes that is also the name of a film.

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Haute cuisine in Madrid: treat yourself

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DiverxoA human being in the Western world lives an average of 25.000 days in his life. So why don’t you give a special touch to every one of them and go, for example, to a restaurant with a Michelin star. You will be surprised to find out that they are not as expensive as you thought they were.

One of the most popular ones at the moment is DiverXo. Some of its main features are the charisma of its chef, David Muñoz and the audacity and quality of its culinary proposals, so much so that many people are asking for it to be awarded more Michelin stars than the three it already has. Others believe its price, around 150-200€, to be very interesting, since a restaurant of similar characteristics in Paris or London would cost double that. They offer an extensive menu of 11 dishes so you can enjoy an evening without rushing and with plenty of sensations, textures and surprises. The wine list, unlike those of other restaurants of this type, includes sensible prices (with an eccentricity or two). You can find the restaurant in the Cuzco area, in Castellana.

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