Buy good books from good bookshops

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There is nothing wrong with shopping centres or with bestsellers, the latter with their thrilling stories and horizontal characters. However, wouldn’t you like to go a bit further? Of course you would! So why not go and buy some really good books from proper bookshops? Inside, you will get all the help you need to find the best book and discover new writers.

One of these bookshops is Tipos Infames (Calle San Joaquín, 3), where the kind staff will help you with anything you need and recommend some new books for you or for whoever you are buying them for. They also sell excellent wines that you can “pair” with some of the latest literary releases, thus making the perfect gift. Also, during the Christmas period, if you make a purchase of 45 euros or more, you can win a Christmas basket filled with selected books and wines.

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Hipster Christmas shopping

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Visiting The Hovse is well worth it, a shop with three floors on Calle General Arrando, 40, close to Calle Santa Engracia (Metro Rubén Darío). Under the pop-store concept, this establishment only opens during the pre-Christmas period and 2015 will be its third year of doing so, from November 21st until December 24th, from 11.00am to 9.00pm.

The objective of this unique space is to make things easier for you when you go Christmas shopping for some “pretty gifts”. That is why they have gathered more than 50 producers and an abundant selection of designers and brands that sell all kinds of things in the same tore: flowers, clothes, jewellery, gourmet products, furniture… All of this in a building that is better equipped and cosier than the one in previous years, as they like to point out on their website. The whole purpose is the idea of creating an “alternative circuit to Christmas’ ferocious hysteria”.

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Everything you always wanted to know about Spanish brands

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Exhibitions are not always about staring at famous paintings or photographs in an exhibition, as you can see for yourself in this exhibition titled Indelebles. From the 22nd of October until the 27th of December, you can see it at the Arquería de Nuevos Ministerios exhibition room, funded by the Ministry of Work (Paseo de la Castellana, 67). It is an exhibition dedicated to Spain’s commercial history, with the subtitle “A trip back in time and the international presence of Spanish brands”.

With a free entrance, this exhibition shows you up close the evolution of much beloved brands of Spain’s pop imaginary, such as Osborne, Cola Cao, Tío Pepe, Freixenet and other ones more known for their media presence such as Iberdrola, Repsol, LaCaixa or Pescanova. The exhibition, as its title says, focuses on the internationalisation process of these commercial brands who, like Telefónica or Gas Natural, are famous, known and consumed beyond the Spanish borders.

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Fancy a crêpe? Write down these recommendations

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Calle Fuencarral, always subject to changes in its appearance, has recently inaugurated a brand new and spacious shop called Crepes & Waffles, a chain of Colombian origin that revolves around its creator’s’ passion for French-style crêpes. The place is large and decorated with soft wooden furniture that is pleasant to the eye, an ideal setting to enjoy a good breakfast although its menu is actually for lunches and dinners. And so, you will find some abundant crêpes, such as the Thai chicken with mushrooms crêpe or the Piccadilly crêpe, with roast beef, roast onions, cheese and chipotle. There are also other dishes aside from the crêpes, all of them organic, healthy and paying special attention to salads and vegetables.

Also abundant are the galettes of the Breizh crêperie, in the nearby Calle de la Madera, 36, where they prepare the traditional recipe from Brittany, with a darker flour called “Saracen” flour. The owner, herself from Brittany, will suggest the galette that best suits you, which you can accompany with traditional cider and a starter of paté. For dessert, what else but a crêpe, since that is the tradition. It is located on Calle San Bernardo, a stone’s throw from our hotel, a place you cannot miss out on visiting when you come and visit us.

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A Travel to the Past on Madrid’s Subway

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Anden 0Thirty years have now gone since Marty McFly’s trip back to the future. They thought 2015 would be very exotic, the way we see as picturesque an old metro station stuck in the past. We are talking about Chamberí station, a station up until recently labelled a “ghost station”, since it was still existing but not in use, giving it a mysterious aura to a place that could be seen in between the stations of Bilbao and Iglesia.

Inaugurated in 1919, like the rest of lines and stations, it was closed in 1966 due to the excessive proximity with the other two nearest stations, since then frozen in time. However, in 2008, after undergoing renovation works, it can now be visited and seen how it used to be in the past.

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An autumn classic: the Strawberry Train

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Tren de la fresaDuring the spring and autumn months, the milder months in terms of temperatures in Madrid, are the chosen ones by Renfe (Spanish Rail) to put their emblematic Strawberry Train (Tren de la Fresa) in motion, a train that has been communicating Madrid and Aranjuez since 1851. Considered the second oldest train in Spanish history, it emerged as a cause of the industrialisation process from back then, after the first railway line between Barcelona and Mataró. And so, during the months of September and October (3, 4, 17, 18 and 25), you can go back in time and hop on a train from the past.

It runs on weekends and it leaves from the station of the Museo del Ferrocarril (Delicias), leaving at 10.00am and returning at 6.00pm. Travelling with the Strawberry Train, in its wooden coaches, is doing it in the same way that our ancestors did it 100 years ago, something made possible thanks to the restoration performed by the Museo del Ferrocarril (Railway Museum) back in 1984.

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Brunch is always in fashion

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BrunchIf you are late for breakfast because you stayed too long in bed but are too hungry to wait for lunch, there’s only one option: brunch. At Roll Madrid (Calle del Amaniel, 23), you will find excellent proposals at prices that go from 9 to 16 euros, with options such as the classic eggs Benedict over salmon, avocado or bacon. There’s also the option of Mexican quesadillas with different cheeses and jalapeños.

Not far from there is Mür Café, which offers an interesting brunch menu on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can choose between the complete brunch, little brunch, sweet brunch and savoury brunch with vegetarian options. Don’t miss out on its Full English Breakfast, complete with everything that should be in it and with a Mediterranean twist of an orange juice.

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Discover the brand-new San Ildefonso gourmet market

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Mercado San IldefonsoMost districts (Lavapiés, Antón Martín, Chueca, Centro…) have their own market but Malasaña -with the exception of Barceló Market- needed a market that sold gourmet and delicatessen products. Since June 2014, that void was filled in with the opening of San Ildefonso Market, on Calle Fuencarral, 57, a few hundred yards from our hotel in Malasaña. It is a space that takes inspiration from other gourmet markets that exist in cities like London or New York, with 18 stalls where you can enjoy different specialities that can also be bought and taken home.

It has stalls that sell a single product such as cheese, gourmet burgers (which you can always find in this kind of markets) and other delicacies such as Southern-Spanish-style prawns. In fact, gastronomy from this part of Spain and more specifically of Cadiz is one of the protagonists during the month of August, since you can enjoy the Red Tuna Tapas Days until the end of the month in different stalls, such as those run by chef David Delgado.

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The best museums for children

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Museo Cera MadridAre you travelling with children? Treat them to a fun and educational morning in one of these museums designed especially for them. One of these museums is the Wax Museum, the emblematic space dedicated to celebrities, both historical and modern, which includes new additions such as Cristiano Ronaldo and George Clooney.

They can enjoy different theme rooms, especially the sports one, with figures of sportsmen like Iker Casillas, Andrés Iniesta, Miguel Induráin or Pelé. However, they can also visit the Crime Gallery, where they recreate the murder of the Andalusia Express among other topics. Ticket prices are 17 euros for adults and 12 euros for children up to the age of 12. Over 60s also pay a reduced fee of 12 euros. On weekends, it opens all day non stop, from 10.00am until 8.30pm. Address: Paseo de Recoletos, 41, in front of Plaza Colón.

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Segovia awaits you

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SegoviaIt is one of the most charming cities near Madrid, famous for its aqueduct, its stunning fortress and its exquisite suckling pig that you can enjoy all year long, also in summer. You can get there easily by train or bus from Moncloa or, if you have your own car, on the A-6 road towards La Coruña in just 50 minutes. We have excellent communications with public transport that take you there from our hotel in the centre of Madrid.

Once you are there, the best thing to do is to see its old town, after seeing its aqueduct first, and then go up Calle Juan Bravo, where you will find the famous Casa de los Picos, the headquarters of the famous Art and Superior Design School of Segovia, a stunning castle that was a historical residence of the kings of Castile back in the Middle Ages, a state prison and later the Royal Artillery College. On their website you can find practical information to organise your visit and purchase the ticket that best suites your needs. The complete ticket costs 7 euros and it allows you to visit the rooms in the palace, see all the museums and enjoy the views of Segovia and its yellow fields from the Tower of Juan II. It opens daily from 10.00am until 7.00pm.

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