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Theatres and shows
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Teatro Compac Gran Vía
This is one of the most emblematic theatres in the area. It has changed its name and made improvements to the building on several occasions. Its stage welcomes musicals, comedies, dance and big plays.

Teatro Lope de Vega
The theatre was inaugurated in 1946 and since then it has become one of the most outstanding theatres in the Gran Vía, with space for 1,350 people.
The Lion King – you can’t miss this fantastic musical that has been an international success.

Teatro Rialto
A history of riffraff and princesses against the background of the music by Spanish singer Joaquín Sabina, now in a musical.

Pequeño Teatro Gran Vía
This theatre has 300 seats and it has been totally refurbished and fitted with the latest technology to welcome any type of shows. There are two different stages for different audiences.

Teatro Coliseum

It has turned 70 years old and it´s very popular in the Gran Via. It was a cinema first before it became a theatre. It also underwent some works to preserve its original hall. This theatre has seen the opening nights of many important plays and musicals.

Teatro Lara
It´s one of the oldest in the Gran Via, inaugurated in 1880. Although small, with a total of 460 seats, it’s got fantastic architectural features. This theatre saw the première of such important plays for the Spanish theatre like: ‘Los intereses creados’ (The Bonds of Interest), ‘El amor Brujo’ (The Magician or Wedded by Witchcraft), or ‘Canción de cuna’ (Lullaby).