Family hotel in Madrid
Family hotel in Madrid
Discover our family hotel in Madrid, the perfect city for the most exciting family plans

Madrid is one of the most emblematic cities in the country. Its charm makes it one of the most desired destinations, especially for families, as it offers a wide variety of plans that you cannot miss. The centre is one of the most distinctive areas that characterize the beauty of the Spanish capital. Therefore, choosing a family hotel in Madrid is one of the best accommodation options.

If you are thinking of spending a few days relaxing and disconnecting with your family, these are the plans that you cannot miss if you want to enjoy a few days in the city centre.

- Puerta del Sol: if you visit Madrid’s city centre, you cannot miss this iconic square. It is one of the most charming places that encompasses three of the most significant points of the city: the Statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, Kilometre Zero, and the Post Office Clock.
- Plaza Mayor: a few meters from Puerta del Sol is the mythical Plaza Mayor, where you can enjoy an exquisite appetizer with your family and try the famous squid sandwich, so characteristic of the capital.
- Royal Palace: getting lost in the gardens around the Royal Palace is also one of the best options in Madrid. From the outside, it offers the best panoramic views of the city and, inside, you can appreciate the beauty of its architecture, which leaves no one indifferent.
- Gran Vía: the famous Gran Vía is, par excellence, one of the most emblematic places in the heart of Madrid. It offers a wide variety of options: from an afternoon of shopping, cinema or theatre with the family, to a relaxing lunch or dinner with the best views of the city.


The location of Gran Vía makes it one of the best areas to stay to spend a few days of disconnection with family. Sterling Hotel is a great option to spend a few days relaxing and unwinding, as it is located in Madrid’s heart and has a wide variety of rooms that are ideal for travelling with family. For example, the Triple room with views and a Private Terrace is perfect for families with children.

If you want to do without the terrace and the views (or both), but without having to give up the comfort offered by this family hotel in Madrid, it has different rooms that will adapt 100% to your needs. The family rooms are for three to four guests and offer the option of single, double, and combined beds, so that you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

It is one of the best options in the city centre , and it is Pet Friendly, so if you want to travel with the whole family, our family hotel in Madrid makes it very easy for you. Do not wait and make your reservation here, where you will find all the options offered by this hotel at the best price.